DuraBlue® Technology

DuraBlue® Advanced Shock and Vibration Technology combines Maxwell’s unique and patented dry electrode formulation and manufacturing process with a robust proprietary cell structure, resulting in a cell that meets or exceeds some of the most demanding shock and vibration requirements of transportation markets. Maxwell ultracapacitors that feature DuraBlue technology benefit all applications where ultracapacitors are used in rugged environments, including hybrid buses and other transportation applications.

All Maxwell ultracapacitors are made with a proprietary dry electrode process which has many advantages over the wet electrode processes used in competitors’ cells. One key advantage is the formation of a durable and tough electrode with the benefits of long life and resilience in high shock and vibration environments. The combination of the dry electrode process with the innovative cell structure provides DuraBlue cells with world leading ultracapacitor shock and vibration performance.

Exceeding Industry Standards
The test standards for Maxwell K2 ultracapacitors with DuraBlue technology are IEC 60068-2-27 and IEC 60068-2-29 for shock and ISO 16750-3, Table 12 and Table 14 for vibration. As shown in the graphics below, the acceleration for IEC 60069-2-27 is 100 G, four times higher than the acceleration of SAE 2464, the test standard for competitive ultracapacitor cells. Similarly, the RMS acceleration for ISO 16750-3, Table 14 is 5.9 Grms, three times higher than SAE J2380 with an acceleration of 1.9 Grms.

Durablue Charts Maxwell